There is always anticipation when you launch a new campaign for your organization on social media. Feelings of concern and worry are common as you want your advertising to return donations in excess of cost. It’s not uncommon to sit and stare at the screen, hoping for comments and likes, dreaming of seeing goals met though the effort.

You’ve seen successful campaigns with thousands of likes and shares. Those campaigns normally have many comments of support for the work or program being advertised. You can tell that the goal will be met easily.

Somehow, your campaigns don’t have that same sizzle, few comments or shares, and are hit or miss on donations. It’s puzzling and maddening to see donor dollars go up in smoke when a campaign fails to return a profit.

Reasons for poor performance vary, yet the most common are bad targeting and copy that is not compelling. Often we say too much and what we say is not in the right order to create an action of support from your reader. It’s important to take the time to plan out the entire campaign before pressing the “GO” button and consider all elements.

Is the photo you use compelling? Does it make you happy, sad, angry? What effect do you want it to have? You really need to know that. A good photo will get your promotion circulated faster and farther on social media.

Does the text you use explain the need in the first two lines? It needs that clarity as you have very little time to get a readers attention and a chance for support.

Can your reader get to wherever they give or volunteer easily? Once they follow your link, does the page they land on explain and ground the “ask” and then guide the visitor easily through the donation process? Your landing page is a make or break aspect of your campaign. It must be compelling and easily understood.

Skills really do matter! Gaining the skills to properly execute the items mentioned above is critical to success. Where and how to get those skills can be a challenge.

We get it when an Executive Director tells us they don’t have the time or skills to run successful campaigns and are struggling for a solution. We have many solutions that you will find to be a fit in regard to ramping up your donations through successful and well thought out campaigns.

It’s possible that you already have someone that does your social media. With just a few hours of training we can get them up to speed on how to create campaigns that produce great return to spend. There is a proven method and we can teach it to them. If they are novices at ad creation, we can teach them that too.

You could also opt for one of our professionals to collaborate with your organization, create, run and optimize successful campaigns for your without having to hire a social media pro. The cost is far less than the expense of an employee that may not possess the knowledge required to create successful campaigns. Then you have the cost of the employee PLUS the loss of funds on campaigns that don’t produce.

It’s not uncommon for some segments of the non profit world to return as much as 30-1 to spend with the right targeting and messaging.

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Increase Funding for your Nonprofit

Increase Funding for your Nonprofit