Many Non Profit Organizations struggle to keep afloat because they lack essential knowledge required to properly execute Social Media Advertising.

This includes Campaigns, Promoted Posts, Compelling Post Content and Ad Content that Drives Donations.

Most orgs do not have the luxury of hiring a qualified Social Media Director to do all these things, so instead of working outside your skill level, let us coach you or a member with the essentials skills required for Successful Online and Offline Fundraising. You’ll watch your donations and engagement increase!

We will take you from where you are to a higher level of competency. You’ll have an Industry Professional that understands EXACTLY where you need the most help and will IMMEDIATELY help you execute needed improvements. 

Our Social Media Team and Coaching Staff have years and years of experience in helping Organizations AND Businesses be more successful. They are personable, articulate, intelligent, and will get to the core of what you need to reach your goals.

When you consider the cost of a Long Term Employee, you’ll find our Non Profit Coaching Services very cost effective. You can call on us for help WHEN you need it and not bear long term obligations.

Get in touch with us. We’ll talk and make sure you find us a fit for your organization.

Increase Funding for your Nonprofit

Increase Funding for your Nonprofit