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About Non Profit Funding Sources

Our team consists of Non-Profit Organization Founders, Co Founders, Business Leaders, Advertising Professionals, and Messaging Specialists. We have over a half century of experience together. Each and every one found success in their personal careers.

We created this group to help non-profits that want to grow and may not have the people power or resources to make their organizations successful.

We saw great ideas fail because many founders could not execute, advertise, message, and engage their donors. So many one person orgs with a string of dedicated volunteers giving their all yet still falling short because they had no time to do the other things that must be done to grow.

We can fill that knowledge gap, whatever it is that is hindering your growth.

For many its advertising on Social Media. Fine tuning an audience with the right targeting to get donations is an art with a language all it’s own. It’s critical to master to get growing donation streams and engage your followers. We can teach you how to do it right or we can do it for you, as needed.

You may need help with a mission statement or the messaging on your website or emails. Simple changes you might be overlooking could cost you thousands in missed donations.

If you use teams or individuals to sell items for your organization, we can teach you to sell without selling.

We work with all types of organizations. It does not matter what field you are in as our skills and principals apply to all equally.

We have a unique set of skills in the Animal Rescue and Veteran sectors.

If your organization provides service to these sectors you will find us an immediate asset to your executive management team.

We can do as much or as little as your needs require. There is no cost to consult with one of our team members. No one will try to sell you anything.

Find yourself along with many others that enjoy the success they’ve found with us.

Use the form below to get in touch or call us directly at 818.281.7918

We’re eager to help you reach your goals!

For our team ~ Bob Bryant                          
                            Co Founder MissionK9Rescue

Non-Profit Help, Training, and Funding Sources

Non-Profit Help, Training, and Funding Sources