Are You Raising Enough Money For Your Organization?


Meet the perfect team to help you become a fundraising superstar!

We have decades of experience in nonprofit management and fundraising. Our group features top talent in the charitable giving sector. Areas of expertise include Fundraising, Messaging, Public Relations, Grant Writing, Social Media & Advertising and more.

“After years of experimenting, I perfected the art of asking for money for our nonprofit.
I have raised millions of dollars and over $500,000
per year on Facebook alone.
I am excited to share my strategies with you!”
 ~Bob Bryant, CTO Mission K9 Rescue

We help you increase funding with less expense so you can do more with your organization. We offer affordable training in the areas with which you need the most help. You’ll be excited when you see your organization working better than it ever has before!

Increase Funding for your Nonprofit

Increase Funding for your Nonprofit